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Most chest pain isn't a sign of anything serious

you should get clinical advice simply in case. Get immediate scientific help if you think you're having a coronary heart attack.

name 999 when you have surprising chest pain that:
spreads to your palms, returned, neck or jaw
makes your chest feel tight or heavy
also commenced with shortness of breath, sweating and feeling or being unwell
you could be having a coronary heart attack. name 999 without delay as you want instantaneous treatment in medical institution.

See a GP or go to your neighborhood walk-in centre if:
you have chest ache that comes and goes
you have chest pain that is going away quickly however you're nonetheless worried
it is essential to get medical advice to ensure it's nothing severe.

find a walk-in centre

common causes of chest pain
Chest ache has many exceptional reasons – handiest the maximum commonplace are listed under. In most cases, chest pain isn't always because of a heart problem.

Your signs and symptoms may give you an idea of the reason. don't self-diagnose – see your GP in case you're worried.

Chest pain signs and symptoms feasible reason
starts after consuming, bringing up meals or sour tasting fluids, feeling full and bloated heartburn or indigestion
starts offevolved after chest harm or chest exercising, feels higher whilst resting the muscle chest sprain or pressure
brought on via worries or a disturbing situation, heartbeat gets quicker, sweating, dizziness anxiety or panic attack
receives worse whilst you breathe in and out, coughing up yellow or green mucus, high temperature chest infection or pneumonia
Tingling feeling on pores and skin, pores and skin rash appears that turns into blisters shingles
Chest ache and coronary heart issues
The maximum not unusual heart troubles that purpose chest ache include:

pericarditis – which normally reasons a unexpected, sharp, stabbing pain that gets worse while you breathe deeply or lie down
angina or a heart attack – which have similar signs but a heart attack is lifestyles-threatening
you are much more likely to have heart issues if you're older or know you're at risk of coronary coronary heart disease.

as an instance, in case you:A Chiari malformation, previously known as an Arnold-Chiari malformation, is in which the decrease part of the mind pushes down into the spinal canal.

Diagram displaying a Chiari malformation
There are four essential types, however type 1, known as Chiari I, is the maximum commonplace.

In someone with Chiari I, the bottom part of the lower back of the mind extends into the spinal canal. this can placed strain at the brainstem, spinal twine, and impede the waft of fluid.

This page specializes in Chiari I malformations.

Are Chiari I malformations critical?
The severity of Chiari malformations can vary from character to individual, however normally:

Chiari I malformations are not taken into consideration lifestyles-threatening
some human beings enjoy painful complications, motion problems and other ugly signs and symptoms (see beneath), however many human beings won't have any signs
there's a threat of growing syringomyelia (wherein a fluid-stuffed hollow space known as a syrinx develops in the spinal twine), that may harm the spinal twine if now not handled directly
surgical treatment can generally forestall the symptoms getting worse and may now and again improve them, despite the fact that some problems can also stay
speak for your doctor approximately what the circumstance manner, what the results may be to your fitness and what remedy you may need.

signs and symptoms of Chiari I malformations
Many human beings with a Chiari I malformation will now not have any signs. now and again they are only discovered after an (MRI) scan of the mind is finished for any other reason.

If signs do broaden, they could include:

complications – those are commonly felt at the back of the pinnacle and can be delivered on or made worse by way of coughing, straining, sneezing or bending over
neck pain
dizziness and balance issues
muscle weakness
numbness or tingling inside the fingers or legs
blurred vision, double imaginative and prescient and sensitivity to light
swallowing issues
listening to loss and tinnitus
feeling and being ill
trouble drowsing (insomnia) and despair
if you expand syringomyelia, you can also experience problems using your fingers, trouble walking, pain, and troubles with bladder or bowel manipulate.

if you've been diagnosed with a Chiari malformation, you need to touch your health practitioner for advice in case you develop any new signs and symptoms or your symptoms worsen.

remedies for Chiari I malformations
remedy for Chiari I malformation depends on whether or not you have got any symptoms and the way intense they're. You won't want any remedy if you don't have any signs and symptoms.

Painkillers can help relieve any complications and neck ache.

if your headaches are extreme or you have troubles resulting from the stress in your spinal wire (which include motion problems), surgical treatment may be encouraged.

surgical treatment
the primary operation for Chiari malformation is known as decompression surgical treatment.

beneath standard anaesthetic a reduce is made behind your head and the medical professional gets rid of a small piece of bone from the base of your skull. they'll also do away with a small piece of bone from the top of your backbone.

this can assist reduce the pressure in your mind and allow the fluid in and round your mind and spinal wire to flow usually. examine an NHS leaflet about decompression for Chiari malformation (PDF, 111kb).

other processes that can be important encompass:

Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) – a small hollow is made within the wall of one of the cavities of the brain, freeing trapped fluid. See treating hydrocephalus for extra information.
Ventriculoperitoneal shunting – a small hole is drilled into the skull and a thin tube called a catheter is exceeded into the brain hollow space to empty trapped fluid and relieve the strain. See treating hydrocephalus for extra statistics.
Untethering – some youngsters with a kind 1 Chiari malformation have a tethered spinal cord, this means that it is abnormally attached inside the spine. Untethering entails setting apart the spinal wire and freeing tension within the spine. read an NHS leaflet on tethered spinal cord (PDF, 193kb).
Spinal fixation – some humans with Chiari i'm able to have a hypermobility syndrome, which includes Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and can require surgical operation to stabilise their spine.
The intention of surgical operation is to prevent present symptoms getting any worse. some human beings additionally enjoy an improvement in their signs, mainly their complications.

however, surgical treatment once in a while consequences in no improvement or symptoms getting worse. there may be additionally a small risk of serious complications, inclusive of paralysis or a stroke.

talk to your healthcare professional about the exclusive surgical alternatives and what the blessings and risks of every are.

reasons of Chiari I malformations
the precise reason of Chiari I malformations is unknown. It has a tendency to be gift from start, but is generally most effective determined in maturity when signs increase or while an MRI test is executed.

Many cases are concept to be the end result of part of the skull not being huge enough for the mind.

Chiari I malformations can also broaden in people with a tethered spinal wire, a build-up of fluid on the mind (hydrocephalus), and some types of mind tumour.

Chiari malformations can every now and then run in families. it is possible that a few kids born with it could have inherited a defective gene that caused issues with their cranium development.

but the hazard of passing a Chiari malformation on in your child may be very small. And don't forget: even if your youngsters do inherit it, they will now not revel in signs.

records about you
if you have been laid low with a Chiari malformation, your medical team will bypass information approximately you directly to the countrywide Congenital Anomaly and rare sicknesses Registration carrier (NCARDRS).

This enables scientists search for higher ways to prevent and deal with this situation. you could choose out of the register at any time.

are very overweight (obese)
have high blood stress, diabetes or high ldl cholesterol
have a records of coronary heart attacks or angina in own family contributors underneath 60 years vintage

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